Land Claim ( Advanced )

  1. Customize your claim permissions. By default, your claim will only allow you to build, interact with blocks, and open containers. However, you can use the /permissiontrust command to give specific permissions to other players, such as allowing them to use buttons or levers within your claim. You can also use the /permissionreset command to reset all permissions for a player.

  2. Set up claim flags. Claim flags are special permissions that you can set for your claims, such as allowing or disallowing PvP, explosions, or animals. You can use the /claimflag command to see a list of available flags and set them for your claims. Setting flags can help you protect your land and make it more functional.

  3. Understand how Grief Prevention interacts with other aspects of Minecraft gameplay. For example, Grief Prevention can interact with other plugins that affect player interactions, such as PvP or economy plugins. Knowing how Grief Prevention fits into the larger picture of your server's gameplay can help you make more informed decisions about how to claim and protect your land.

  4. Learn about advanced features like subdivisions and trust levels. Subdivisions allow you to split your claim into smaller sections and set permissions for each one. You can use the /subdivideclaims command to create subdivisions. Trust levels allow you to grant different levels of permissions to players, such as allowing a player to build but not destroy blocks within your claim. You can use the /trustrange command to set trust levels for players within a certain distance of your location.

  5. Use Grief Prevention to enhance your Minecraft experience. By using Grief Prevention to claim and protect your land, you can focus more on building and exploring without worrying about griefing or theft. You can also use Grief Prevention to collaborate with other players on building projects by setting up shared claims and trust levels.

    6.  Familiarize yourself with Grief Prevention commands. There are several commands you can use to manage your claims and permissions, including /claim, /trust, /untrust, /containertrust, and /abandonclaim. Knowing how to use these commands will give you more control over your land and who can access it.

Last Updated: 18 April 2023 11:25

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