Kit in crystal PvP(imp)

BigSus24 29 May 2023 01:03 Free For All 274

So the kit in sea PvP and crystal flat.

Is all protection 4. But the original kit of cpvp consists of 1 blast protection 4 leggings instead of protection 4 leggings.

So the real question is does it matters?

The answers to that is "Yes" 

So  if ur close to a crystal it one shorts prot 4 guy in an instant..

But if blast prot used it doesn't 1 short a fully maxxed guy in netherite

Mostly in every server  the blast protection 4 is used in leggings..

In prot 4 it's deal so much damage that spaming crystals can kill a guy in an instant.. if blast prot is applied in the Armor the spamming crystal wont work ..and people would rather try Anchor and etc to kill the player. And that might improve there skills to cpvp too .

Please change the kit in crystal PvP in FFA practice.

can you dm me the all kits screenshot?

29 May 2023 05:27

Turn on ur dms

30 May 2023 01:35
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