Staff application

*ArianKhanBD 12 August 2023 21:05 Survival 217

Hello. I am playing your server for a long time. I wana get a rank there now. But I don’t have money to pay because i am a student. I am a trasted persion. And I wana be the staff of this mamber. I know there are many hackers. I kniw a lot. I can jail them or ban them. And I know being Admin is impossible for me. Because i know you will not give me admin rank for free. So please give me the staff rank. I will be a good staff of yours. Because of my study, i can't play a lot. But i does play a lot. So please make me staff in the trash survival smp. I will do my best. My game id *ArianKhanBD . Hope you will accept my request. Thank You.

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