• Spamming [4+ Same Messages + Clogging Up Chat]
        Disturbing the chat flow by sending multiple messages that are the same.
  • Excessive/Obvious Troll Spam
    Continuous spam using commands for example /tpa to a to players intentionally disturbs their chat flow.
  • Filter Bypassing
        The action of bypassing the server’s filter in any way possible.
  • Discrimination
    The action of discriminating against a user’s, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability is genetic information.\
  • Encouraging Suicide
       Encouraging a player to commit suicide, for example, "kys".
  • Inappropriate Discussion
       The action of discussing sensitive topics such as politics, race, wars, etc in an attempt to create an argument or cause a distribution to the community.
  • Staff Impersonation
       The action of impersonating a staff member to gain an advantage.
  • Advertising
       The action of advertising in anything including server addresses, websites, and youtube videos.
  • Inappropriate Builds
       The action of building anything that breaks our server rules or can be seen as offensive or inappropriate.
  • Inappropriate Skin
       The action of violating our rules using a skin that is offensive or inappropriate.
  • Inappropriate Username
       The action of violating our rules with a username that is offensive or inappropriate.
  • Inappropriate Item name
       The action of violating our rules with an item.
  • Illegal Client Modifications
       Using third-party client modifications to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Bug Abuse & Exploiting
       Abusing or Exploiting a bug or a game feature to gain an unfair advantage over other players
  • Scamming
       he action of making a deal and not upholding your part of the deal, therefore, scamming them. [Allowed on Orange & Banana]
  • Griefing
       he action of griefing other people’s bases. [Allowed on Orange & Banana]
  • Redstone Clocks
       The use of Redstone clocks is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate Builds
       14-Day Ban, Permanent Ban.
  • Spawn Killing & Camping
       The action of repeatedly killing someone or camping outside their claim to grief their gameplay. [Allowed on Orange & Banana]
  • Support Exploiting
       Exploiting staff members to receive items or gain an Unfair advantage.
  • DOX, Swat & DDoS Discussions & Death Threats
       Any form of a DDOS, Dox, or Swat threat is not tolerated under any circumstances, this includes any sort of jokes that may happen on the network